Update: I no longer work full-time in animal cognition research. However, I continue to be fascinated by animal intelligence, and am happy to answer any and all crow-related questions. 

Overview: Until July 2018 I was a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, and a member of the Comparative Cognition Lab led by Prof Nicky Clayton.

My research investigated how intelligence evolves. I ran aviary experiments with wild and hand-raised birds to understand the cognitive mechanisms that underpin these birds’ behaviour. I conducted my PhD at the University of Auckland with Prof Russell Gray and Dr Alex Taylor. Here, I studied the cognitive abilities of New Caledonian crows, a species of corvid that manufactures tools in the wild. 

At Cambridge, I worked on an ERC funded grant to trace the evolution and development of physical cognition among human children, jays and crows.


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